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Old Town


Old Town is a historic Chicago neighborhood that has captured many people's interest as an enchanting place to live and a safe environment to raise a family.

Old Town's beautiful residential blocks, one-of-a-kind boutiques, awning-covered storefronts, and popular dining spots make this neighborhood unique. In the summer, Old Town explodes with fun and excitement as folks come from all around to visit the neighborhood street festivals, which are among the most beloved in Chicago.

Public Amenities, Services, Civic Organizations

The area included in Chicago's Old Town Triangle is relatively small in size, which leaves little room for large green spaces and recreation sites. However, residents have only to cross Clark Street and they'll find themselves in the 1,200-acre expanse of Lincoln Park, one of city's biggest parks.

Still, there are several community squares and playgrounds in the Old Town Triangle that provide local residents with peaceful spots for relaxing, walking the dog, or playing with the kids.

Housing Stock

Old Town's beautiful residential blocks, lined with century-old grey- and brownstone walkups, are broken up by the flurry of activity along the neighborhood's central thoroughfare.


Given the small size of the neighborhood and its proximity to downtown and Lincoln Park, getting around is no problem for Old Town residents. A short walk will suffice for most errands or destinations within the area.

Most folks in the neighborhood do have vehicles and are lucky enough to have access to private garages and alley parking behind their homes. There are also plenty of car-owners who have to park on the street, which requires both a city sticker and a neighborhood zone sticker.

Old Town Triangle's location affords several public transportation options. Probably the most popular is the 'El' train operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The extensive bus system also provides a good number of Old Town Triangle commuters with fairly easy and quick travel around the city.

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife

Even though the Old Town Triangle is a predominantly residential locale, certain restaurants have become community institutions. You will find an assortment of international cuisines, including Pakistani, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, and American.

In the Old Town Triangle, Wells Street is home to the neighborhood's retail shops and boutiques. These storefronts offer residents a variety of unique fashion items and other goods that are always handy to have close to home.

The bar scene in Old Town is concentrated on Wells Street. However, there are a few other establishments scattered among the residential blocks that are just as lively as the pubs on the main strip. So take your pick, or make the rounds in this quaint near north side neighborhood.

Probably the best-known comedy theater in Chicago, The Second City has been one of the Old Town Triangle's biggest attractions for years. The theater houses two stages where resident comedy troupes perform hilarious original sketches to regularly sold-out audiences.


Due to its small size, the Old Town Triangle only offers neighborhood families a few schools in its midst. Of course, there are several nearby educational facilities in the surrounding communities where parents can send their children to school. Within Old Town, parents can choose from Catherine Cook School, Franklin Elementary Fine Arts Center, Immaculate Conception St. Joseph School, Lincoln Park Preschool & Kindergarten, and Manierre Elementary School.